Local data management tools

The main purpose of local data management tool is to organize and store the raw experimental data directly on the site of the institution (experimenter). The local data management tool will provide the functionality of data storing, searching, filtration and reporting. The tool will be connected to the Protocol generator to support the reporting of experiments on the higher level of metadata. Local data management will be realized as a specialized database that will be optimized to the type of experimental data produced by particular institution. The database with uniform interface will be modified according to the needs of the particular experimenter to reach the aims of different experiments.

The local management tool will provide the communication module (interface) to global data management tool (web based data sharing). The global data management tool will be used for meta-data sharing between different institutions and the public. The process of communication between local and global data management tools will be under full control of the institution. Therefore only the meta-data can be shared with the rest of scientific community or the public. The advantage of this approach is the direct control of „what I am sharing with the others“.

There are many different solutions and technologies for raw data storage among the institutions. The review of technologies will be realized during the first year of the project to select the best technology for local data management tool.