Data sharing and management – web solution

Metadata central storage

The central data storage will be realized as combination of local data storage (located on the institution) for raw data and one central data storage selected meta-data. Central data storage will be based on distributed relation ORACLE database to deal with the amount and structure of the meta-data. The data structures in central database will be defined generally to cover all the different meta-data types and to upgrade the structures in the future.

Data availability

The central data storage will serve as the first option for searching the experimental data through meta-data and allow the user to find the proper experiment and results. All the meta-data will be available using the XLM data structures exchange.
The solution based on relational database allows:
– standard access to the metadata using SQL standard language and support of wide range of database interfaces
– high accessibility of the system will be allowed by distribution to more computers using GRID technology of CLUSTERING
– fast information search – the usage of data structures indexing and advanced algorithms of query execution plans will minimize the time response of the data storage
– standardized system control – the commercial database ensure the safe and secured operation of the database

Information system of central data storage:

The central database will be in cooperation with the information system. The information system will provide the parameterization of the central storage, user accounts control and policy. The data from central database will be presented using the web presentations to the different kind of the scientific and laic public controlled by the access rights.

Central storage interface:

The interface will be used as an interpreter between central data storage, local data storage and visualization framework.

Visualization framework:

The user friendliness of the central database will be supported by the visualization framework. The visualization framework will be implemented as several software modules and interface for extension of information system. The visualization framework will allow simple and intelligible visualization and comparison of the meta-data and result of searches. It will be based on the mix of existing modules and third party modules. The third party modules could be plugged into the central data storage for the user of the system. The modules will be focused on raw data processing and data mining and aggregation of the meta-data. Standard interface of the central data storage will allow the user to upload the mined information back into the central storage, describe it and integrate it into current structures.

One part of the web solution will be the offer of tools for raw data post-processing. These tools will be highly specialized tools for experimental data processing. The tools can be used by anyone to produce the metadata from raw experimental data and share the metadata using BioWes web solution. The list of the tools can be extended by any third party tool for biological data processing. Several tools will be developed directly under the project:

– Cell time lapse image processing and representation
– LC-MS measurements filtration and analysis
– Software for behavior analysis of aquatic organisms