February, 2015

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Download Aquatic organism behavior analysis module

Module performs detection and tracking of objects (fish) in medium size tanks. The input of the program are pictures from the infra red camera placed above the tank.

Aquatic organism behavior analysis

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Download Image analysis end representation – Entropy image module

Module performs conversion of image data based on information theory, which leads to suppression of unwanted information in the image (noise) and signal enhancement.

Entropy image

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Download Mass spectrometry viewer modules

Mass spectrometry viewer encapsulates several modules into a logical unit, which easies work when searching for specific data in mass spectrometry, using filtering or various data display modes.

Mass spectrometry viewer - img1

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Download Object analysis module

Image analysis end representation – Objects analysis


The module is designed for the manual and semi-automatic detection and analysis of the objects in image series. The software can visualize the original and entropy images recalculated by the Entoropy image module.

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