Three Biowes Project Fundamentals

Biowes in IFREMER

New version of bioWES platform was installed in IFREMER. The demonstration of new functions of the system was realized to the researchers and technicians who will work with the platform. bioWES platform will be used to cover the process of fish rearing from larvae to the experimental fish using variety of protocols. The platform will be connected to the internalRead the Rest…

New BioWes local repository

New BioWes local repository was installed in IFREMER France. The server dedicated to the data storage from the research activities is located directly at the institute. IFREMER as a AQUAEXCEL2020 member is going to collaborate on the BioWes system testing within the project.

Monitoring of Fish activity using BioWes

BioWes system was used for storage and subsequent analysis of physical activity of fish (Thylapia) at different concentrations of algae in the breeding aquarium. The experimental data were obtained by IR camera and the calculation of the total activity of fish was based on optical flow measurements. The experiments were carried out at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.Read the Rest…

BioWes used for TNA project within the consortium Aquaexcel

The project aimed at verifying a system for tracking fish in medium tanks funded as TNA project (Trans national access) within the consortium Aquaexcel used platform BioWes to store the data. For the measurement using IR cameras and creating a 3D trajectory of fish a special plug-in was created to process the data directly from the local BioWes database.

Testing of Digital Cameras using BioWes

BioWes protocols were used to store and sort data obtained during testing of various types of the digital cameras at the Department of Cybernetics of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen ( BioWes protocols ensured clarity of acquired data and enabled their use for commercial purpose.

Partners of the Biowes Project