Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters is using BioWES to store the experimental data

BioWES Applications at the University of South Bohemia

  • Light microscopy – Institute of complex systems is focused on the basic research in the field of light microcopy. The system BioWES is used for the storage of data obtained from the experimental microscope build for the experiments for image content description using information theory. The system helps to organize various experiments to understand the data transformation from the real object to the image.
  • Crayfish and fish behavior – BioWES system is used for the data and metadata management of the research for water quality monitoring (development of the systems) based on the bio-indicators. The data from the experiments related to the development of system for crayfish hear beat monitoring and 3D tracking of the fish are stored in the repository.
  • Biocompatibility – System BioWES is tested in certified laboratory focused on the analysis of biocompatibility of new materials. The laboratory is working under the certification ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with defined methodology for data collection and defined steps for contract management. The system BioWES will be tested in the laboratory to prove the usability in the business conditions. The core of the experiments is cell cultivation and cell behavior analysis using light microscopy.Microscopy 1Microscopy 3
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