The Aim


The amount of the data produced by the current experiment in the field of applied biology is enormous. The non-existence of user friendly database and software support for biology experiments cause that the primary data are analyzed and shared occasionally. The problem is increasing because measurement and archiving process (technique) is going to be cheaper and cheaper. Recent studies showed that the experimental costs are several orders higher than data sharing costs. Therefore, it is worldwide up to date problem. The sharing of results of experiment analysis has great importance for all users of biology applications from knowledge mining and experiment quality and repeatability point of view.

Main aim

The main aim of the project is to provide the availability of knowledge and data taken from biological experiments worldwide. This task will be reached by the development of standardized tools for experiment description, metadata extraction from experiments, local data management and global metadata sharing. The tool for experiment description (metadata) ensures the standardization and repeatability of biological experiments. The knowledge (metadata) will be extracted from primary data using the tool for specialized data analysis. The local management module will provide the tools for data storing and organization on data producer site and global management module allow sharing selected metadata using web interface This solution deals with all aspects of experimental data processing and sharing. The project will improve the quality of experimentation, availability of knowledge and possibility of comparison of the results of individual biological data providers.